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Kennedy Activator Starter Kit

Kennedy Activator Starter Kit

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Introducing the Kennedy Activator Starter Kit: Unleash Your Support for a Better Future!

Energize Your Efforts with the Power of the Kennedy Activator Starter Kit!

Equip yourself with the essential tools to help activate the Kennedy Independence movement. This kit is packed with everything you need to engage, inspire, and mobilize voters like never before.

Inside the Kit:

50 Super Brochures: Dive into the heart of the Kennedy campaign with our powerful 4-fold brochure. Designed to captivate and inform, these brochures are your gateway to introducing voters to Kennedy's vision and values. With compelling visuals and insightful content, these brochures are the perfect tool to ignite conversations and spark change.

10 Buttons: Wear your support loud and proud! These buttons not only let you wear your heart on your sleeve but also make for thoughtful gifts to share the Kennedy message with friends, family, and fellow supporters. Each button is a symbol of unity and a reminder of the positive change we can achieve together.

50 Thermal Stickers with Calls to Action and Unique QR Codes: Revolutionize your outreach with these cutting-edge stickers. Featuring dynamic calls to action and unique QR codes, these stickers are designed to engage and mobilize voters in the digital age. Attach them to laptops, water bottles, and more, and watch as they effortlessly bridge the gap between offline and online advocacy.

You're invited to participate, ignite the conversation, and be a part of the change with the Kennedy Activator Starter Kit. Together, we'll make a difference and Make Earth Great Again. 

Order yours today and be a catalyst for progress!

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Customer Reviews

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Debra Carrillo
I did NOT get my order

I didn’t get my 2 kits
I did not receive anything
Please advise


You get a lot for your money in the Kennedy Activator Starter Kit. Highly recommend. The super brochures are amazing!

Wystan Simons
Really Helpful

My only request would be to focus on RFK's ability to unify people, rather than on for instance his pedigree, or tackling a divisive single issue. What is significant is that Mr. Kennedy has responded to people in crisis, and listened to those being ignored -- THEN he has done the reasearch and creates a knowledge base, to be able to speak with clarity about the validity in their concerns. This is evident in his position on vacines, and the border crisis, and other issues. We can count on him to be willing to tackle tough issues, and take body blows on behalf of the American people, WITHOUT turning to rancour and partisan self-righteousness. He is curious, and he wants to help.

Suberb Merch/Very Well Done & Informative

Can't wait to get out there and share it all!